Anne Yvonne Gilbert / Commission
Commissioner: Templar Publishing
Date of publication / release: 03.05.2012

Lovley to read the latest review of Anne Yvonne Gilbert's beautiful illustrations for Robin Hood, published by Templar...


"I absolutely love Robin Hood – started it and couldn’t put it down. It completely breathes new life into the Robin Hood legend. I think the illustrations are stunning and I loved the language and the style of the storytelling. Both text and illustrations work together really well and for me captured the feel of the time perfectly but at the same time also have a ‘modern adventure story’ feel too. Really enjoyed the note from the author and artist information too – felt it added to the overall quality of the book. When Helen Oxenbury won the Greenaway with Alice, I remember saying that I thought that what she had done was create an Alice for a new millennium and new generations of children. I feel the same sense of excitement reading Robin Hood - It’s a fab book!" - Annie Everall OBE - Children's Book Consultant

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Neil Jordan - The Past - Book cover
Robin Hood
Robin Hood
Gardening Angel
Saxon Warrior