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This is Xocolatl, the most charming of all the Mexican hariless dogs or xoloitzcuintles (in Nahautl), an iconic and traditional breed of dog from the prehispanic era. Its rare beauty and history, inspired this book

by Agustina Tocalli Beller and Inés Hüni

in  partnership  with Artes de México  and  Museo Dolores Olmedo. 

Attached images:
Dia de muertos - Day of the dead
Santa reading letters
'Para leerte mejooorrr '- 'All the better to reed
Viento de hadas 2
Team - Equipo
Zelmira and her talisman factory - Zelmira y la fá
Happy New Year - 2015
Taller de compostura de muñecas - R. Arlt
Kazurá 3 - adultos
Pajaritos en la cabeza - Birds in my head