Kristy Lankford / Commission
Commissioner: Kristy Lankford Art
Date of publication / release: 01.02.2017

My artwork titled "Always Read to your Elephants" was used for the cover of the February issue of "Storyworks" magazine, a Scholastic publication. With just a few edits to the existing artwork, it was ready to go just before the holidays. A big thank you to Scholastic and Storyworks for the opportunity. 

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Kristy Lankford / Self-promotion

Here is my latest painting for a project I am working on titled "Zombies Are...". The one sentence stories are written by Dennis Orr and include everything from zombie artists and tourists to zombie athletes and professional members of society. For some reason the people in each place just can't get used to living in a world of zombies and so the regular humans are usually making a run for it. Enjoy this piece from the one sentence story: Zombies are fond of New York City.

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Dino Thanks
Family Breakfast
Baseball Bear
Up the Hill
What To Do Today?
Merry & Bright
The Jungle Gym Journal
Bee Determined
Baseball Moose