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Commissioner: Regnery Kids
Date of publication / release: 17.06.2013


Hardcover   • 2013  •  $16.95 Regnery Publishing, Inc.  • ISBN 978-1-62157-038-7

Ronald Reagan was a natural leader, well-remembered not just for his political leadership, but also for his warmth, kindness, dignity, and optimism. There’s a lot kids can learn from Reagan, about our country and about being good leaders and good people. The Remarkable Ronald Reagan: Cowboy and Commander in Chief is a fun, colorful look at his life, from his humble beginnings as the son of a shoe salesman, to his years as a Hollywood actor, his service in WWII, his life as a rancher, and finally the culmination of his political career in the Oval Office. There’s plenty that even adults can learn as they read along with their kids, including Reagan’s efforts to stand up against racial discrimination, and his powerful faith in God. The Remarkable Ronald Reagan is a treat for the entire family.

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