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The following is a guest post by Liz Amini-Holmes, an illustrator-for-hire and member of the Blurb Dream Team, a group of vetted book professionals you can hire for help with your projects.

I’d like to start by saying there are days when I get an inquiry from a potential client that make me want to poke my drawing pencil into my eyeball. Why, you ask? Aren’t inquiries exactly what artists want as freelancers? Well, that depends.

As I sip my morning tea and scan my emails, I excitedly open up an email inquiry from a potential client.

“Hello Artist/ My Name Spelled Wrong/Anonymous/No Name…

“I have a story, <inset any> painfully cute animals / sad, misunderstood clown lost in a supermarket/ hero fantasy starring yours truly/ avant-garde nursery rhyme written in Welsh. My children’s book is beyond amazing and I know this because <inset any or all if you like> my best friend/ professional snuggler/mother/ barista/cat behavior consultant, all LOVE it therefore I know it will be a best-seller.

 I want all the art to be painted in a bright colored, digital, cartoony style, just like Pixar. Have you heard of PIXAR? You know the Animated Movie Company?

I have very specific ideas about the art ...

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Awarded on: 30.11.2011

A Stranger at Home Awards for 2012

2012 USBBY Outstanding International Books Award

Best Bets List, Ontario Library Assoc.

White Ravens Collection, International Youth Library, Munich

Book of the Year Award finalist, ForeWord Magazine

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Awarded on: 30.11.2010

I am happy to announce al of the wonderful awards Fatty Legs has recieved in the past year and half:

Nautilus Silver Award

Skipping Stones Honor Book

Information Book Award, Honor Book

PubWest Book Design Awards, Bronze

Best Books for Kids & Teens 2011, starred selection, Canadian Children’s Book Centre

2011-2012 First Nation Communities Read Selection

Ten Best Children’s Books of the Year, The Globe and Mail

USBBY Outstanding International Books Honor List

Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Literature Prize finalist

Book of the Year Award finalist, ForeWord Reviews

Children’s Literature Roundtables of Canada Information Book Award nomination

Cybils, Blogger Literary Award nomination

Saskatchewan Young Readers’ Choice Award nomination

Hackmatack Award nomination

Golden Oak Award nomination, OLA

2012 Rocky Mountain Book Award nomination

2013 Young Readers Choice Award nomination, Pacific Northwest Library Assoc.

Kirkus Reviews starred review

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The Faries
Masque of the Red Death
Resak The Bear Myth - Lead in 2 page spread illust
Miracle pgs 13 and 14
Resak The Bear Myth - Half Page Illustration
How The Maricopas Made Wishes Come True
Miracle Endpages
Running Away
A Stranger At Home
Snow Queen