Mariya Prytula / Self-promotion

This fall, I quickly sketched a pair of friends playing chess. It kind of begged to be turned into a kid's illustration because as 

much as I love tea and all sorts of cookies, I think we need a little update on a tea party.  I remember how impressed I was with my friend who knew how to play, but it wasn't until I saw a pair of girls play, that I decided it was time to learn myself. I still need to learn to stop apologizing when I take down someone's chess piece. 

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Mariya Prytula / Self-promotion

"Call of Spring" will be available at the upcoming Changeling Artist Collective auction "Flora and Fauna"

Consequently, it's also my Month of Love entry for the theme this week - Innocent. Everyone probably remembers the formative time whe^_^n Bambi and his friends felt the powerfull call of spring and met their better half. And with Valentine's Day coming up, I thought it was appropriate.

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Tito and Bumble - Joy
Sad City
Check Mate
Tito and Bumble - Nap
Tapestry of Fall
Yuletide Dreams - Fox
Sugar Dragon
Yuletide Dreams - Bear
Escape from the Hornet's Nest
Yuletide Dreams - Owl
Huginn and Muninn
Otter Love