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Marty Jones / Self-promotion

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Marty Jones / Self-promotion

To me, this is the heart of illustration– to tell a story; to make a story more clear and understandable by the use of images.

My fear, and my frustration, is always that I haven’t served the story well enough with my illustrations. This sometimes happens when I have to rush to meet a very short deadline.

Jesus told parables- stories- so that those who chose to listen to his stories would ask, “…why is He saying that? what does it mean?”

The ultimate answer to all of our questions is I AM– the story the Eternal told Moses. “You shall know this day and place it in your heart that the Eternal is God in heaven above and on earth below; ain od.” [Deuteronomy 4:39]

“ain od- a Hebrew expression in this verse meaning there is nothing else.” [Dr. Gerald Schroeder, The Hidden Face of God]

I believe that one of our purposes here on earth is to share our stories with others; to build stories with others; to pass on our stories to those that follow us.

Blessings, Marty

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Marty Jones / Self-promotion

  I recently went through a period of weeks where I thought I had a fatal illness. As far as the doctors have been able to determine, my sensory neuropathy isn’t going to be fatal; but it might be even more uncomfortable than it has been.   This isn’t necessarily great news; I’ve been dealing with chronic pain for about 30 years, and that the thought of things getting worse isn’t particularly exciting. So I now go through my days with little feeling in my hands [and everywhere else]; a diminished ability to look closely at my work [my eyes don't converge properly], and a diminished sense of balance.

When I was dealing with my questions of death, I realized that I wasn’t concerned about Eternity–I took care of that in 1973, when I gave my life back to my Creator. I was concerned about things undone. I have a granddaughter living states away that I barely know. I have illustration projects I haven’t completed.  And I don’t feel that I have done much about influencing the world in a positive manner.

So I have returned to the concept of blogging. Do I want the world to know the struggles I go through to create illustrations? Not really. I am generally a very private per...

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One of my first heroes, George Reeves. I don’t know that he ever understood his contribution to society.

I can’t think about what happened ten years ago yesterday, without thinking about the thousands of innocent people throughout the world, throughout history, whose lives have been sacrificed upon the altar of revenge. I am a pacifist who believes that violence is inevitable, for we are a broken people, prone to place the suffering of others below our own suffering. It is all tragedy.

I watch lots of movies;  I love watching stories being told. Some have suggested that I spend too much time watching stories and not living one. I’m working on that. This afternoon I watched “Mongol,” a Russian/Chinese film about the rise of Genghis Khan.  The Mongolian clans based their lives on revenge–he stole my horses, I’ll steal his wife. Temudjin [to later become Genghis Khan] decided that Mongols needed laws: “Mongols need laws. I will make them obey…even if I have to kill half of them. Our laws will be simple. Don’t kill women or children. Don’t forget your debts. Fight enemies to the end. And never betray your khan. “ For all of our supposed progress, I’m not sure that we have go...

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Faces. I feel like I’ve been drawing them all of my life… I wonder how many more I’ll be drawing. I discovered tonight that the sense of feeling in my fingers has significantly decreased in the last month. They still work–the motor nerves function; but they work by sight now, more than by feeling.

I watched an amazing video tonight, from a CBS broadcast of  Simon & Garfunkel’s “American Songs” program in 1969; aired only once because it was so controversial at the time. This particular video is a series of scenes from the presidency of John F. Kennedy, the last years of Dr. King’s life and some campaigning by Robert Kennedy, as he strove to follow his brother’s footsteps. And the thousands of people who lined the railroad tracks across the country as the body of JFK was taken to Washington from Texas. The soundtrack is “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”:

The country was different back then. Not necessarily better or worse…it was better and worse. And it was very different than today… I was in high school in 1969, and fairly oblivious. I knew about the political unrest in our country, watched a classmate devastat...

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