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  I recently went through a period of weeks where I thought I had a fatal illness. As far as the doctors have been able to determine, my sensory neuropathy isn’t going to be fatal; but it might be even more uncomfortable than it has been.   This isn’t necessarily great news; I’ve been dealing with chronic pain for about 30 years, and that the thought of things getting worse isn’t particularly exciting. So I now go through my days with little feeling in my hands [and everywhere else]; a diminished ability to look closely at my work [my eyes don't converge properly], and a diminished sense of balance.

When I was dealing with my questions of death, I realized that I wasn’t concerned about Eternity–I took care of that in 1973, when I gave my life back to my Creator. I was concerned about things undone. I have a granddaughter living states away that I barely know. I have illustration projects I haven’t completed.  And I don’t feel that I have done much about influencing the world in a positive manner.

So I have returned to the concept of blogging. Do I want the world to know the struggles I go through to create illustrations? Not really. I am generally a very private person. I write with ease; I’ve been writing technical opinions for nearly thirty years. I have lots of opinions; but I find that most people are concerned about their own opinions, rather than being open to new ones.

A couple of years ago I helped chaperone a ‘high-school lock-in’. During a card game/ice-breaker, we were asked, “what would your dream job be?” I fortunately did not have to answer that I already have my ‘dream job’— it just isn’t quite what I imagined it would be. For the last 11 years I’ve earned a living as a Building Code Consultant/ Illustrator; in reality, I use every Building Code project as an opportunity to work as an illustrator. To a degree, I ‘collaborate’ with myself– doing research and technical writing as a “Consultant”, and then handing the project over to my in-house “Illustrator” to help the final product easier to understand through the use of images.

Twenty years ago, when I decided it was time to start pursuing a career as a children’s book illustrator, I started collecting images of work that I wanted to emulate. I recently received a Canadian image-promotion magazine, and discovered that most of the photographers had Photoshopped their images to make them look more like drawings/ paintings; and the illustrators’ work tended to look like cartoons. I’ve caught up with the images I wanted to make 20 years ago; but the parade of taste has changed course.

          Still, I persist. Each and every day I am sustained by the Love, Mercy and Grace of my Creator…

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Green Tree Colorado
Audrey Hepburn
Chief Joseph
The Gift of the Magi
Green Tree Colorado
The Dream
The Gift of the Magi
Leopard face
The Wolves of Yellowstone
Grandma Malka and Elephant Boy
Oregon At Last! jacket