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161-34 1120th Ave., Jamaica
United States
As a fifteen year veteran of the licensing, toy, and entertainment industry, Lawrence has worked on everything from Teen Aged Mutant Ninjas to Looney Tunes.

After attending School Of Visual Arts in New York, Lawrence was hired as head toy designer for Happiness Express Inc.

While there he had the opportunity to design everything from night lights to action figures. Working for a small company also meant wearing many hats. Lawrence gained valuable experience in package design, sculpture and style guide creation.

After 5 years in the toy industry he moved on to a career in character illustration, creating style guide

art for Newline Cinema, Jim Henson Productions, and 4Kids Entertainment to name a few.

Among other things he is now one of the official licensing artists for Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles, Major League Baseball and Nickelodeon’s Go Diego.

Not content to just draw the characters, Lawrence has also made the leap to digital animation. To date he has worked on films for the web and broadcast television for companies like ABC Networks, Nickelodeon, and VH1.

Lawrence currently resides in Queens, New York where he plots to corrupt the minds of youth with silly pictures and funny books.