Romi A. Caron / Self-promotion
I long ago had a dream of publishing my own series of art education books for children. This dream came true a few years back when Dominique et compagnie agreed to publish my first book 'Je dessine avec Romi' in 2005. I'm really happy to say that I since have published four other books in this series, the last one being 'Je bricole avec Romi' which came out late last year (2009). These can be purchased on, search for Romi Caron :) By the way the images are self-explanatory, no need to understand French!
Attached images:
Baby turtle's Tale - Turtle and dolphins
sea botom and turtle
Bowhead whale
Sailing Adventure
G.F. Handel, young composer
Haydee Hoo
Baby turtle's Tale - fisherman and turtle
Snow owl
father and the child
small Girl