Rosemary Woods / Commission
Commissioner: Kids Can Press
Date of publication / release: 30.11.1999

One Well has just been designated as a "Common Core" core curriculum selection for the New York Board of Education and other boards across the United States.  It has already received several awards.

Aimed at 8- 12 year olds, it is beautifully written by Rochelle Strauss who tells the story of Water with loads of interesting facts. She uses the metaphor of One Well to explain water in a narative form.  It is heavily illustrated and was a huge project that was a lot of fun to do.


Attached images:
Japanese Fairytale
Man, boy and donkey close up
The Orange Tree
The Jewellers Daughter
Mama Water Mermaid Combs Hair
Cat and Dog Play a Duet
Battle of the Kites
Yoga for Seagulls
Tree of Life
Coming Home for Chirstmas
Dreaming of going to the Moon
Coco & Pearl Fly the Galaxy