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Commissioner: allrecipes magazine
Date of publication / release: 18.11.2014

Holiday feature in allrecipes magazine December/January 2015. Watercolor "winter wonderland" spreads to showcase candy recipes.

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Awarded on: 07.09.2014

This spring I took an online course, organized by superstar agent Lilla Rogers and her Studio. It's been motivating, challenging and lots of fun. I've homed in on some areas that I need to work on (computer skills anyone?) but also come to appreciate my strengths and skills. I think the aspect I've most appreciated is the amazing community I've found in my fellow classmates. Thanks guys! Now I'm considering taking part 2, since I seem to be appreciating it :)

so, as I mentioned earlier, I participated in a contest organized annually by Lilla Rogers Studio, "Global Talent Search" (GTS).  In the first round there were 999 contestents submitting an entry. The 50 winners of round 1 were given another brief to continue. Hurray, I was one of the lucky 50, I'm proud because the competition was tough!

Ta da! Here's my entry for the second round, this assignment called for a cute animal character with lots of personality that could be used for child's t-shirt.  I'm pretty happy with my colorful little guy.

An impressive group of judges is currently deciding who gets to play on, 5 people will get another brief for the finale. Round 2 actually has a people's choice component, and there is som...

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Awarded on: 28.08.2014

Hi guys, just checking in to tell you about an exciting competition I'm taking part in. This the beginning of the second round of the Global Talent Search competition organized by Lilla Rogers Studio. I had a good time with the first brief, and I'm kind of stunned that I get to play another round! This one looks like fun too! Fingers crossed...

Here's my image for the round 1 "tiny terrariums" brief:


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Commissioner: Tatjana Mai-Wyss
Date of publication / release: 02.01.2001

It's out, just in time for lambing season! The Passover Lamb is based on a family story that happened on the author Linda Elovitz's farm during Passover one year.

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Commissioner: Tatjana Mai-Wyss
Date of publication / release: 30.11.2012

 This is a sneek preview from a book called Passover Lamb, written by Linda Elovitz Marshall and published by Random House, June 2013.

Very exciting!

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Awarded on: 31.12.1969


  The Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee has chosen A Song for My Sister as a Notable book in the Younger Readers Category for 2013! I love this even more because I remember how much I enjoyed the All Of A Kind Family books when I was a kid. Thank you!

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Location: a book store near you
Date: 26.06.2012

"WAAAAA!  When Mira's wish for a sister at long last comes true, she's thrilled—but the new baby isn't exactly what she expected. Who knew someone so little could make so much noise! No matter what Mira or her parents do to soothe or amuse her, the baby's reaction is . . . WAAAAA! On the day of her simchat bat, her Jewish naming ceremony, the baby cries--as usual! That is, until Mira steps close to offer her own special gift and the inspiration for her parents' choice of the perfect name.  Lesley Simpson's tale of a family adjusting to a welcome change is sweet and sassy and very funny. It's a universal story about families and siblings, as well as a glimpse into a lovely Jewish ritual for welcoming baby girls to the family and the community."


(description from Amazon.com)

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 Here's a fun illustration assignment: draw all kinds of animals looking surprised, sheepish, embarassed and amused. They all come together in the newest book I illustrated,  A Giraffe Did one written by Jerry Pallotta and published by Sleeping Bear Press. The kindergardners and first graders I visited coudn't agree what bodily function this book was talikng about, but they had a lot of smirking, giggly fun discussing it.

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Awarded on: 18.04.2011

"... the (Giverny) award recognizes
a book where artwork and science text (in story form) meld into a
superior children's book that inspires and teaches children deftly,
without being pedantic."


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 hurray! after some trials and tribulations (thanks to Kate for all her help!) my portfolio is finally going back online!

I have been working on quite a few new books, but that art is still at the printers. The portfolio will be updated regularly, now that I have a new, beautifully performing computer :)

I will be showing off some sneak peeks from the proofs of The Twelve Days of Christmas in South Carolina, so check my blog too for new work.

Peachtree Publishers has been getting some notice lately: That's Not How You Play Soccer Daddy will be featured in the School Library Journal's june e-newsletter Connections and A Tree for Emmy has been chosen as an honor book for the Paterson Prize for books for young people. 

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A Song for My Sister, interior illustration
Babybubg kitten
A Giraffe Did One
Bunny's Book Club
face painting
12 days of christmas
Kitty Goes
night kitty
Passover Lamb