Awarded on: 07.09.2014

This spring I took an online course, organized by superstar agent Lilla Rogers and her Studio. It's been motivating, challenging and lots of fun. I've homed in on some areas that I need to work on (computer skills anyone?) but also come to appreciate my strengths and skills. I think the aspect I've most appreciated is the amazing community I've found in my fellow classmates. Thanks guys! Now I'm considering taking part 2, since I seem to be appreciating it :)

so, as I mentioned earlier, I participated in a contest organized annually by Lilla Rogers Studio, "Global Talent Search" (GTS).  In the first round there were 999 contestents submitting an entry. The 50 winners of round 1 were given another brief to continue. Hurray, I was one of the lucky 50, I'm proud because the competition was tough!

Ta da! Here's my entry for the second round, this assignment called for a cute animal character with lots of personality that could be used for child's t-shirt.  I'm pretty happy with my colorful little guy.

An impressive group of judges is currently deciding who gets to play on, 5 people will get another brief for the finale. Round 2 actually has a people's choice component, and there is some amazing stuff in that gallery. Pop over and vote for your 5 favorites, you can vote until September 12th.





Attached images:
A Song for My Sister, interior illustration
tundra mouse
A Giraffe Did One
Two Naughty Angels
dancing with daddy
bella on the bus
raining cats ands dogs
'Dumb old tree!'
rabbit at home
A Song for My Sister, interior illustration