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Tracy Bishop grew up on an U.S. Army base just outside of Tokyo, Japan. At an early age, Tracy's dad recognized her interest in art and kept her supplied with endless reams of dot-matrix printer paper from his office so she could draw to her heart's content.
Tracy attended San Jose State University and graduated with a degree in graphic design with a concentration in illustration/animation. For the next decade Tracy focused on building a career in graphic and web design, but Tracy's passion for telling stories through pictures persisted. In 2010, she left her design job at a children's museum to focus on being a full-time illustrator.

Tracy can now be found working from home in San Jose, CA. Her daily inspirations are her son, husband, and a hairy dog appropriately named Harry. When she's not working, you'll find Tracy reading, collecting picture books, knitting, or tinkering on her computer.
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