Animation samples from our new Itunes App teaching mindfulness and progressive relaxation techniques to young children.

In this episode we 'cave in' with the sleepy bears. Bella and baby bear get children ready for bed with 'belly breaths.'
This type of deep relaxing breathing concentrates the breath from the stomach while the child is breathing in and out of their nose, which signals the brain and body to relax.

Our mission was to create a milder transistion into nap time.
The goal was to Illustrate how a bear and her baby sibling - after fun times - go about calming themselves in order to relax and sleep. With the two bears transitioning from an active summer & fall to a state of hibernation, the setting is a metaphor for how a child moves from an activity-filled, exciting day to a state of calmness. As the bears reminisce about summer fun, we bring back our bee character to lead them through the change of season into a cozy cave for a restful purpose. Moving into a tranquil state of mind, the tired baby climbs on her big sister to demonstrate the fine art of belly breathing. Our music selections were key with the perfect summery acoustic track segueing into a soothing new age instrumental for calm time.

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