Animation samples from our new Itunes App teaching mindfulness and progressive relaxation techniques to young children.

In our Alien story, it was time to blast off into outer space.
The Noisy Alien teaches children how to be OK in unfamiliar situations thru body relaxation. Anxiety often leads to tensing of the muscles and irrational chatter in the brain. The breathing and movement displayed by the alien creates mind and body balance, allowing the child to connect and engage back into their world with confidence.

Our animation mission was to 'Turn off that crazy noise!'
Here we depict how an alien who has landed on a distant planet is frightened because it is in unfamiliar territory which has set off an alarm in its body and brain. The goal was to bring the viewer from an anxious state of mind - due to being confronted with a new situation - to one of calmness and relaxation, so they are better able to objectively interpret their surroundings.

We start with our alien becoming stiff and noisy with his body emitting alarming sounds and brightly flashing lights. We created the four worm characters to serve as ploys to portray the effect that the alien's anxiety has on others in its vicinity. This proved to be an apt analogy for the annoyance that an out-of-control child becomes to the people around them. The child models the alien's actions by systematically turning off the switches on the body. The resolve the worms feel as the alien's sounds are subdued, clearly illustrate the cause and effect of the app's intentions. The creation of the alien mother ship who safely transports the alien in and out of its predicament served to bookend the story with a familiar anchor. For the sound track, we chose a more subdued mystery vibe so as not to compete with the prevailing sound effects that build the tension.
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