Animation samples from our new Itunes App teaching mindfulness and progressive relaxation techniques to young children.

Bevis the Bee teaches children how to calm themselves thru humming. According to research, 'Humming like a bumblebee is an easy, natural and effective method to calm down. While moving and humming like a bumblebee, the child incorporates movement and breath to self sooth and regain a balanced state of mind.' While following the Bee, the child learns that humming can be calming at anytime. When the brain is calm, they are better able to listen, observe and learn.

Our animation mission here was to 'Mellow out that Bee!'
At the outset, we portray the bee in an out of control frenzy buzzing about to frantic music. This clearly got the children's attention through our testing process at area preschools. At key points in the story, the bee practices and demonstrates different breathing techniques and interactive finger plays. This serves to calm his excited brain, so he can focus the mind and carefully observe his surroundings. Being the flagship story, it was put through the most testing and the kids positive feedback served to pave the way for the rest of the App epidodes. Find more animation at