Self-publishing is notoriously difficult. Aside from actually getting the book printed, one of the main challenges you will face is distribution.

An established publisher will use events such as 'The Bologna Book Fair' to showcase dummy books. Based on the feedback they receive, the dummy book may be dropped or tweaked accordingly.

Most illustrators will shy away from self-publishing projects. The main reasons being:

1) They tend to be poorly financed

If you are unable to pay the illustrator a fee that reflects the workload required, it is unlikely you have factored in all the remaining costs that will ensure the project’s success.

2) They tend to be poorly planned

Where will the book sell? What distribution have you set-up? Has your work been professionally edited and critiqued?

3) They often demonstrate limited industry knowledge

How well do you understand the industry? There are numerous publications available to help guide you. Ensure you have researched all there is to know about your field before taking the plunge. Taking time to thoroughly research and carefully plan your approach could save you valuable time and money.