childrensillustrations - Good Illustration's Latest Blog Articles View Good Illustration's Latest Blog Articles Tanya Emelyanova - Best Friends The special bond between children and the family dog is clear to see in these sweet new scenes by Tanya. Fri, 08 Dec 2017 09:46:27 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2776/Tanya-Emelyanova-Best-Friends/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2776/Tanya-Emelyanova-Best-Friends/ Alessandra Psacharopulo - Pop-up Christmas Open this beautiful Pop-up Christmas book by Alessandra and watch as the pages magically burst into life! Each page has a colourful festive scene, including a snowman outside Santa’s workshop, busy elves wrapping Christmas gifts and Santa and his reindeer flying across the starlit sky. Available now, published by Usborne. Wed, 06 Dec 2017 09:54:52 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2775/Alessandra-Psacharopulo-Pop-up-Christmas/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2775/Alessandra-Psacharopulo-Pop-up-Christmas/ Anja Boretzki - Benni magazine Which path should the brave knight follow to reach the beautiful princess? Great characters in this fun maze by Anja for Benni magazine. Mon, 04 Dec 2017 13:36:23 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2769/Anja-Boretzki-Benni-magazine/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2769/Anja-Boretzki-Benni-magazine/ Anja Boretzki - High Five magazine 'Playing School' was the subject of this poem puzzle illustrated by Anja for the Dec 2017 issue of High Five magazine. Fri, 01 Dec 2017 12:17:29 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2768/Anja-Boretzki-High-Five-magazine/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2768/Anja-Boretzki-High-Five-magazine/ Ekaterina Trukhan - Seasons magazine Ekaterina illustrated a recent article for Russian magazine Seasons about creative workshops and co-working spaces. Thu, 30 Nov 2017 17:20:16 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2767/Ekaterina-Trukhan-Seasons-magazine/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2767/Ekaterina-Trukhan-Seasons-magazine/ New Signing: George Doutsiopoulos Good welcomes George Doutsiopoulos to the team! Based in Thessaloniki, Greece, George has been drawing ever since he could hold a pencil. His talent has already attracted the likes of Neil Gaiman who asked him to illustrate one of the twelve short stories in ‘A Calendar of Tales’. A full time freelance illustrator, George has worked with a variety of international publishing houses, magazines and advertising agencies. With incredible character design skills, George enjoys illustrating children’s books, editorial features, video games and apps. Wed, 22 Nov 2017 15:50:02 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2764/New-Signing-George-Doutsiopoulos/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2764/New-Signing-George-Doutsiopoulos/ Alessandra Psacharopulo: Parragon Nothing quite beats cuddling up with mum for a good bedtime story! Alessandra's delightful artwork features in 'The Little Brother and the Little Sister' and 'Love is Really Big', part of 'A Treasury to Read with Mummy', available now from Parragon. Wed, 22 Nov 2017 15:25:59 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2763/Alessandra-Psacharopulo-Parragon/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2763/Alessandra-Psacharopulo-Parragon/ Lea Vervoort - Santa Lea's Santa is sporting a very festive beard this year! Wed, 22 Nov 2017 13:54:03 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2762/Lea-Vervoort-Santa/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2762/Lea-Vervoort-Santa/ Ekaterina Trukhan - Seasons Magazine Super cute spot illustrations by Ekaterina for Russian magazine 'Seasons' to accompany an article on how to get school children into a good routine. Wed, 22 Nov 2017 13:50:37 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2761/Ekaterina-Trukhan-Seasons-Magazine/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2761/Ekaterina-Trukhan-Seasons-Magazine/ Elisa Ferro - Magazine cover Elisa designed this fab Christmas-themed cover and illustrated an inside feature for the December issue of Italian magazine, I Like IT. Wed, 22 Nov 2017 13:49:23 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2760/Elisa-Ferro-Magazine-cover/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2760/Elisa-Ferro-Magazine-cover/ Christian Garland: Spooktacular Halloween is here and preparation for the party is in full swing!? Spooktacular black & white illustrations by Christian Garland. Tue, 31 Oct 2017 14:18:42 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2748/Christian-Garland-Spooktacular/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2748/Christian-Garland-Spooktacular/ Tanya Emelyanova: cute, colourful characters Welcome to the happy, bold and bright world of Tanya Emelyanova!  So many wonderfully cute, colourful characters in Tanya's fun portfolio.? Tue, 31 Oct 2017 14:00:10 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2747/Tanya-Emelyanova-cute-colourful-characters/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2747/Tanya-Emelyanova-cute-colourful-characters/ Iryna Bodnaruk: Dragon Spies The successful Ella and Owen series, illustrated by our lovely Iryna continues with book 6, 'Dragon Spies'. The twins find themselves caught in a muddy battle between dwarves and elves!  Available this November from Little Bee Books. Tue, 31 Oct 2017 13:11:58 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2746/Iryna-Bodnaruk-Dragon-Spies/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2746/Iryna-Bodnaruk-Dragon-Spies/ Maria Neradova: Les Saisons Maria really enjoyed illustrating Les Saisons for Auzou Publishing as the book is full of moving mechanisms and flaps to keep things interesting! Tue, 31 Oct 2017 13:01:26 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2745/Maria-Neradova-Les-Saisons/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2745/Maria-Neradova-Les-Saisons/ Freya Hartas: Secret of the Oracle Freya illustrated the second book in the Ancient Greek mystery series by Saviour Pirotta, 'Secret of the Oracle', published by Bloomsbury. Tue, 31 Oct 2017 12:42:05 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2744/Freya-Hartas-Secret-of-the-Oracle/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2744/Freya-Hartas-Secret-of-the-Oracle/ Anne Yvonne Gilbert: The Boxcar Children In celebration of the 75th anniversary of The Boxcar Children, Anne Yvonne Gilbert has illustrated the cover for Albert Whitman's commemorative edition of Gertrude Chandler Warner’s timeless novel. Mon, 30 Oct 2017 17:30:49 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2742/Anne-Yvonne-Gilbert-The-Boxcar-Children/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2742/Anne-Yvonne-Gilbert-The-Boxcar-Children/ Anne Yvonne Gilbert: The Boxcar Children In celebration of the 75th anniversary The Boxcar Children, Anne Yvonne Gilbert has illustrated the cover for Albert Whitman's commemorative edition of Gertrude Chandler Warner’s timeless novel. Mon, 30 Oct 2017 17:30:49 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2743/Anne-Yvonne-Gilbert-The-Boxcar-Children/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2743/Anne-Yvonne-Gilbert-The-Boxcar-Children/ Christiane Engel: ABC Baby Signs ABC Baby Signs is a charming third installment in Christiane Engel's illustrated ABC for Me series, following in the footsteps of ABC Yoga and ABC Love. This title features twenty-six of the most common, simple baby signs to teach babies and toddlers basic ways to communicate with their hands before they can verbalize their needs. Kids and their parents will love learning baby signs together thanks to this wonderful new release from Walter Foster Jr. / Quarto Kids! Mon, 30 Oct 2017 14:36:57 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2741/Christiane-Engel-ABC-Baby-Signs/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2741/Christiane-Engel-ABC-Baby-Signs/ Carmen Saldana: Solar system Explore the solar system with this fantastic new space piece by Carmen Saldana! Sun, 29 Oct 2017 19:52:42 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2740/Carmen-Saldana-Solar-system/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2740/Carmen-Saldana-Solar-system/ Ekaterina Trukhan: Autumn scene Celebrating the arrival of autumn with this sweet woodland scene by Ekaterina. Sun, 29 Oct 2017 19:47:33 +0000 Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2739/Ekaterina-Trukhan-Autumn-scene/ Illustration/id=807/blog/post=2739/Ekaterina-Trukhan-Autumn-scene/